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Pump Solution Information

A centrifugal pump installation is done where the client needs a system suitable for purposes, such as irrigation and dewatering. These pumps are often used as boosting and pressure systems as well.


The prolonged drought experienced in large parts of South Africa and the recent health crisis which is making it difficult to access many services have highlighted the need for additional measures to ensure that back-up water supply is readily available.


In a climate of growing concern around water security, a borehole might just be the best investment you can make. These devices have an array of long-lasting benefits and, while initial installation might seem costly to some, they will save you a lot of money on municipal water bills in the long run.


Here at the Water Pump Group, we install and supply a diverse range of JoJo tanks and specialised stands according to your specific needs. The JoJo unit has an array of benefits, including the following.


The drive to tap alternative sources of water has been speeding up over the past few years and there can be little doubt that it has gained further impetus following the near civil disaster in the wake of last year’s severe drought in the Western Cape.


Although it was once seen almost exclusively on South Africa’s farms and immediately identifiable by its distinctive green colour, not only is the JoJo tank now to be found in all manner of new locations, but it has also become somewhat of a chameleon.


When attempting to motivate someone who is embarking on a new venture and who may be experiencing some setbacks, a friend will often quote such well-known adages as:


The need to conserve water is no longer an undertaking that is limited to the inhabitants of the Middle East and Africa’s desert nations.


If, just like a growing number of South Africans, you may harbour some concerns about the long-term capacity of your local municipality to continue meeting your daily water requirements...


Many more South Africans are now considering a borehole and want to learn more about the drilling process and various other aspects of the installation. When you are ready, give Water Pump Group a call for a quality, turnkey experience.


Most city dwellers tend to take the fact that they have access to running water for granted and, only when something goes wrong does the true value of this facility really become apparent to them.


The advantages of having a source of water that could allow your household to become, at least, partially independent of the municipal supply are obvious.


Ideal for rainwater harvesting and municipal backups, JoJo tanks are an investment in water security and they are offered for sale by Water Pump Group.


Professional Borehole Pump Testing and Installation is Important. It is no longer easy or wise to ignore the fact that we are facing a serious threat to the continued supply of potable water in South Africa.


Supply Concerns are Fuelling the Demand for Borehole Drilling Contractors. The extreme drought conditions in the Western Cape that recently saw taps in the Mother City on the verge of running dry should serve as a wake-up call for all of the nation’s consumers.


As the need grows for South Africans to investigate alternative ways of obtaining their water or, at least, to limit their current dependence on municipal supplies, many more are now seeking ways to protect themselves from the risk of drought and the steadily increasing municipal tariffs made necessary by shrinking reserves.


It is Time to Think About Borehole Tests and Drilling

In the wake of the near-catastrophic drought in the Western Cape and the continuing hikes in the price of municipal water, a growing number of suburban homeowners are choosing to follow the example of their country cousins by relying, instead, on water drawn from subterranean sources beneath their properties. Even if used only for topping up the pool and watering the lawn, over the course of a year, the savings can be substantial. In addition, it is an option that can help relieve the pressure on the dwindling reserves available to service providers. In short, maybe we should all consider arranging some borehole tests and, if satisfactory, drilling.


Rainwater Storage Increasingly Necessary in Drought-Prone South Africa

While the world’s farmers may choose to rant about the damage caused by termites, locusts and other pests, it is, in fact, humankind that has proved to be the planet’s most destructive lifeform. In the last 200 years of the approximately 200 000 years since the first appearance of Homo sapiens, we have managed to consume or destroy much of that which the evolving planet earth has taken more than 4,5 billion years to perfect.


JoJo Storage Tanks for Sale, and Some of Their Uses

Over the course of more than 40 years, the JoJo brand and their range of storage tanks for sale, for which it is known throughout South Africa, have grown to the point where they have become a household name. Founded by Jan Joubert, the company grew from a need at his Loskop farm. He required a container to store liquid fertiliser, but rather than buying a commercial product, he chose to make his own. Soon after, he was asked to make a second one for an impressed neighbour. The rest, as they say, is history.


The Need for Borehole and Pump Installations Is Growing Fast

At one time, for a property owner to have access to a source of water, other than that provided by the local municipality, might have been considered a luxury. In recent years, however, this has become more of a necessity. The need does not only arise because the demand for water by domestic, commercial, and industrial consumers and the price it commands have continued to escalate. The radically diminished reserves are now being further depleted by the increased frequency of drought in a country much of which is already semi-arid. As a result, it may be time for more South Africans to consider investing in a borehole and pump installation.


Rainwater Harvesting is an Inexpensive, Eco-Friendly Way to Save Money

It is something of an irony that, as inhabitants of a semi-arid country and one that has recently experienced one of the most severe droughts in its history, when the clouds do finally release their contents, most of us will simply allow them to disappear into storm drains or soak into the earth. While this is a necessary part of a continuing cycle, water shortages remain an ongoing problem. In practice, rainwater harvesting could serve to alleviate some of that problem and, in the process, ease the strain on your pocket caused by rising municipal tariffs.


Home Borehole Drilling for a More Economical and Eco-Friendly Property

Not just in South Africa, but in nations across the world there has been an unprecedented growth in the number of households wishing to install a home borehole and looking for a drilling specialist to undertake the task. As the evidence for global warming continues to grow, the recent drought in the Cape Town area and the extensive emergency measures that this necessitated has been a serious wake-up call and a reminder that much of our country is naturally semi-arid. Tapping into underground sources can offer more than a means to protect against periodic shortages, it can help to relieve some of the mounting pressure on the municipal water reserves, while also contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendlier lifestyle.


Borehole Drilling Increasingly Important from Pretoria to the Cape

Borehole drilling is increasing, not just around Pretoria, but nationwide. Even before the recent scare which left residents of the Mother City wondering when their taps would finally run dry, it was apparent that South Africa is facing a severe water crisis. Gauteng is also no stranger to prolonged periods of drought and, apart from being the most populous of the nine provinces, it is also the site of the nation’s main industrial powerhouse.


Some Points You Should Consider When Buying a Borehole Pump

Selecting the model that will best suit your purpose from the wide range of borehole pumps available for sale in South Africa can be more than a little confusing. Consequently, it will be in your best interest to begin the task by finding some answers to those questions that will need to be answered if you are to make the right choice. There are several such questions and, for the record, none of them relates to the price, but rather to the purpose, performance and structure of your installation. Armed with the right answers, your chosen supplier should have no trouble determining which will the best unit for the job.


Typical Borehole Testing Services and the Reasons They are Necessary

The existence of underground streams or aquifers has been known for millennia. In fact, there is abundant archaeological evidence that, as early as the Neolithic period between 7 000 and 10 000 BC, primitive humans were already constructing wells in order to gain access to these subterranean sources of life-sustaining water. The practice made possible the development of farming and, with it, the growth of fixed communities in which the village well was often a site for its members to socialise and to trade. Unlike a modern borehole, wells were dug, not drilled, and no testing services, beyond the simple act of tasting the water, would have been undertaken or even considered necessary.


Preliminary Borehole Surveying is Essential to Assess the Potential Yield

Next to oxygen, it is water and not food that is essential to our survival. It is, therefore, an alarming fact that the reserves of this life-giving liquid which may be considered safe to drink have been dwindling steadily for decades, as the global population has expanded, and we have found ever more ways in which to utilise it for purposes other than maintaining life. It is perhaps ironic that, although oceans cover more than 70% of the planet’s surface, only around 3% of the earth’s total water resources are in the form of fresh water. Much of it is to be found underground and, consequently, borehole surveying is becoming increasingly important for the detection of subterranean aquifers in order to access their content.


Water Storage Tanks for Sale in South Africa Attracting More Interest

It may be the result of a need to save some hard-earned cash, as a sign of increased concern for the environment, or simply a panic response to South Africa’s impending water crisis highlighted by the recent events in the Mother City. Whatever the explanation, consumers in many cities and towns across the nation have been showing an increased interest in the various water storage tanks offered for sale by local suppliers.


JoJo Water Tanks for Sale Offer a Cheaper, Greener Lifestyle

There are few occurrences that better highlight the need to improve water management than the devastating 3-year-long drought that has struck Cape Town following poor winter rainfall in the region. It has been predicted that the taps in the Mother City could run dry by April and already, visitors are being asked by hoteliers to limit the time spent in the shower, to flush loos as little as possible and to avoid using pools by swimming in the sea. Though far more extreme, it is a scenario that has occurred regularly around the country prompting increased sales of JoJo water tanks.


Some Reasons Companies Offer Plastic Water Tanks for Sale

When preparing for a weekend in the Bushveld it’s not unusual for campers to fill a water tank with drinking water, just in case. It is unfortunate, however, that only on occasions such as this are many of us likely to give a thought to the possible advantages of purchasing one or more of the many varieties of the plastic water tanks offered for sale in South Africa today.

Part of the reason for this omission may be that life in most of South Africa’s suburbs is too often taken to include an endless supply of cheap potable water at the turn of a tap. We drink it and bathe in it. We wash our clothes, dishes, and cars with it. We use it to irrigate our lawns and flower beds and, when the sun’s up and our time is our own, we love to cool off by swimming in it.


Borehole Drilling Specialists Contribute to Sustainability in Pretoria Region

South Africa is officially designated as a semi-arid nation and there can be few times at which this fact is more evident than during a Gauteng winter, with its cloudless skies and frequent veldt fires. It is also a time when municipalities are likely to impose restriction on the use of water, such as forbidding the use of hoses, and many areas may even have their supply cut off for several hours each day. The fact is that municipal water reserves are becoming increasingly limited. Helping to boost those reserves is a team of borehole drilling specialists based in Pretoria.


Why You Need to Employ a Specialist in Borehole Drilling

Most homeowners in Gauteng will have experienced the effects of drought. The long, dry winters that frequently leave the local vegetation parched, creating the perfect conditions for bush fires have long been a feature of the region, as have the periodic water restrictions imposed by municipalities that invariably accompany a prolonged dry spell. Given the added hardship of escalating water tariffs, many of the province’s homeowners are turning to local specialists in borehole drilling to provide them with an alternative water source,


The Nature and Importance of Professional Borehole Testing Services

Ultimately, the bulk of the water consumed by humans around the world will have been obtained from sources beneath the ground. With the discovery that one could access drinkable water by digging a well, it became feasible for humanity to expand and to settle further from the rivers and lakes upon which it was previously so dependent. Today, the modern equivalent of a well is much narrower and bored by specialised machinery rather than dug manually, and its contents are extracted with a pump rather than a bucket. Nevertheless, ensuring the efficiency of a modern borehole requires professional testing services.


Borehole Drilling – What are the Marks of an Expert?

The decision to source at least some of your domestic water supply from an underground aquifer rather than relying purely upon a local municipality to meet your entire household needs can certainly be a financially sound one. Just as important as saving a few rands, however, is the fact that this is a move that can only help to relieve some of the burden on the increasingly limited municipal reserves. To access the underground source will, of course, require drilling a borehole, and there are several good reasons why you should insist on experts to undertake the task.


What You Should Expect from an Expert Borehole Drilling Service

Archaeologists have determined that man has been digging deep holes in the earth for more than two millennia, and that the practice may have originated in China during the Han dynasty, which lasted from around 202 BC to 220 AD. Reaching depths of up to 600 metres, the practice of boring these holes was applied both in mining activities, and as a means with which to create fresh water wells, or seawater wells from which to extract salt. They utilised a method known as percussive drilling.


Suppliers of Leading Water Pump Brands and expert Installation Services

As though it were not enough that South Africa is classified as a semi-arid country, the reminders of impending climate change are becoming ever more frequent while the cost of municipal water continues to escalate in a failing attempt to limit consumption and so maintain shrinking reserves. As a result, a growing number of the nation’s citizens are now seeking to secure their own personal water supply by investing in a borehole drilled by expert borehole drilling services, a step that, incidentally, is being actively encouraged by the City of Johannesburg.


Suppliers of Leading Water Pump Brands and expert Installation Services

It is unlikely that many of us who regularly fill our kettles and automatic washing machines from a tap give a great deal of thought to just how the life-giving liquid makes its way into our homes. By contrast, however, should the flow to our taps be interrupted for any reason, each one of us likely to be well aware of the inconvenience that will inevitably ensue. In practice, it is not only the domestic user that is so dependent on an uninterrupted supply. South Africa’s mining industry, manufacturers, construction companies, fire brigades and, in particular, its farmers, are even more reliant on continuous access to water, as well as on the suppliers of the pump installations that are essential for its delivery.


Why Not Consider JoJo Water Tanks?

Anyone who has access to a TV or radio set, or even a newspaper, should, by now, be well aware of the threat posed by global warming. Satellite images show the melting ice caps and rising sea levels that threaten to submerge millions of hectares of low-lying coastal areas around the world. It is, therefore, somewhat ironic that, in parallel, so many nations are facing a severe shortage of fresh water, both for drinking and domestic use, and to support strategically important industries. It is clear that a solution to the former problem will only be possible through the cooperation of the world’s governments. By contrast, however, it is very much within the power of the individual to contribute, at least, to limiting the extent of the latter crisis.


Substantial Savings Possible When Installing Horizontal Water Tanks

Most people are only reminded of the semi-arid nature of our country when their local municipality announces its intention to enforce the Level 2 water restrictions that serve to limit the times at which they can irrigate their gardens, that forbid them to top up their swimming pools from the mains supply, and that makes it illegal to employ a hosepipe to wash their cars and paved areas.


An Extensive Range of High-Quality Tanks for Water Storage

The need for South Africans to conserve water is an age-old one, given that ours is officially classified as a semi-arid country. However, over the past couple of decades, this is a need that has been becoming steadily more acute. This can be explained both as the result of a much-increased general demand and of the constant escalations in the cost of maintaining a supply that is sufficient to meet that demand.


When to Choose Horizontal Pumps and Multi Usage Pumps

There are literally hundreds of situations in which it is necessary to direct the flow of some kind of liquid. Whether it is required to transfer fuel into your car’s fuel tank, to power the decorative fountain in your swimming pool, to provide the supply of borehole water in order to irrigate a field of crops, or to clear slurry from a mining operation, the motive force will have been provided by some form of pumping device.


Water Tanks Could Save You Big Bills this Year

Despite the many campaigns aimed at halting or reversing global warming and that frequently refer to the melting of polar icecaps and the resulting threat that coastal towns and other low-lying areas could face a flood of biblical proportions due to the rising sea levels, it may be the shortage rather than any excess of water that poses the more immediate threat.


Various Types of Pumping Equipment and their common Uses

Different type of pump equipment and the related gear are designed to serve a variety of purposes but, in each case that purpose will involve the movement of water or some other fluid, a gas, or a liquid suspension of solids. For simplicity, these units may be considered as conforming to one of five basic types, based on their primary use. Each of these, in turn, may employ a number of different principles in order to achieve its goals.


Some Typical Applications for a Slurry Pump Installation

In the course of their activities, a surprisingly wide range of industries either produce or involve the use of a fluid-like mixture that is generally described as a slurry. Depending upon just how viscous a given mixture may be, it may either be left to flow under the action of gravity or, if sufficiently thin, some sort of pump installation may be used to transport it. The latter process offers a quicker and more efficient option where these are necessary requirements.


The Importance of Professional Borehole Drilling and Testing

There are several very sound reasons why a growing number of South Africans are now looking for a viable alternative to the water supplied by their various municipalities.


The Value of JoJo Tanks for Water Conservation and Storage

In times of drought, the water table becomes depleted and the yield from a borehole may be minimal or even non-existent. To meet such contingencies, reserves of water must be stored in suitable tanks such as those manufactured by JoJo and offered for sale to farms and smallholdings in the Pretoria region.


Why You Should Be Looking Into JoJo Tanks for Sale

South Africa is still in the midst of one of the worst droughts in a century. It has changed the way that Government, industry and civil society interacts with and use water, and it will continue to shape the way we think about and use water in future.


Expert Borehole Testing and Drilling Services in South Africa

As the effects of the worst drought in a century continue to take hold in South Africa, many businesses, municipalities, communities and individuals are looking to borehole services to help them harness the power of natural water sources. At Water Pump Group, we bring more than a decade of experience and expertise to borehole testing and drilling solutions, and we use this insight to add value to our clients’ concerns.


Save on Water Costs and Buy Pumps to Maximise Natural Water Resources

As an unprecedented drought continues to sweep through and devastate South Africa, more and more communities, municipalities and businesses are looking at alternative water sources, as well as ways in which to harness natural water sources. This is why there has been an upsurge in corporations and individuals buying water pumps. The need for sustainable and reliable water pump solutions only continues to grow as more and more South Africans are affected by the worst drought in a century.


Buy JoJo Tanks from South Africa’s Leading JoJo Tank Distributor

Businesses and homeowners choose to buy JoJo Tanks as an economical way to save water. Why do we need to save water in the first place? It is estimated that less than 3% of the planet’s water is fresh and drinkable. This means that 97% of the world’s water mass is salt water. This compounds the necessity for the world, regardless of the region, to take water conservation seriously.


Prepare for Every Eventuality with the Latest Innovation in Water Pump Technology

Everyone is aware of the water crisis staring South Africa in the face. Industry and residential users all face the same problem: the taps running dry. Luckily, South Africa is well prepared with exceptional water pump technologies at the ready to help both the residential and corporate sectors harness the rich natural sources of water available.


Buy Quality Water Pumps from South Africa’s Leading Supplier

Water Pump Group is a leading manufacturer of single, twin and triple booster pump sets for our industry. With more than 13 years of celebrated industry experience, we continue to push the boundaries of excellence in our industry. At Water Pump Group, we have risen over the years to become a leading professional pump supplier, installer and repairer.