Plastic Water Tanks for Sale

Some Reasons Companies Offer Plastic Water Tanks for Sale

When preparing for a weekend in the Bushveld it’s not unusual for campers to fill a water tank with drinking water, just in case. It is unfortunate, however, that only on occasions such as this are many of us likely to give a thought to the possible advantages of purchasing one or more of the many varieties of the plastic water tanks offered for sale in South Africa today.

Part of the reason for this omission may be that life in most of South Africa’s suburbs is too often taken to include an endless supply of cheap potable water at the turn of a tap. We drink it and bathe in it. We wash our clothes, dishes, and cars with it. We use it to irrigate our lawns and flower beds and, when the sun’s up and our time is our own, we love to cool off by swimming in it. Only rarely, however, do we pause to remember that reserves of this vital resource are dwindling and that continuing to meet domestic and industrial needs also continues to put pressure on municipalities to increase their tariffs. If for no other reason, the chance to save money should be sufficient to consider the use of plastic water tanks such as those for sale by agents for the JoJo range in South Africa.

Widely recognised as South Africa’s leading manufacture of these sturdy, polyethylene liquid storage containers, their products are also the preferred choice of one of the nation’s leaders in the increasingly important field of water conservation. The Water Pump Group is a distributor of JoJo products and we advocate their use as part of our mission to promote ways in which to help conserve this vital natural resource. To that end, we recommend the use of the range of plastic water tanks we have chosen to offer for sale as a means to harvest rainwater and to store it for future use. In this way, it can act as a hedge against the increasing incidence of drought in a nation that has been officially designated by climatologists as semi-arid.

Such a purchase will not only represent a sound conservation measure, but the cost is likely to be recovered quite quickly purely as a result of the savings made on the monthly municipal charges that accrue as a matter of course when armed with the ability to re-use an otherwise billable commodity that one has already paid for. For addition savings, a second container could be used to collect and reuse grey water from baths, hand-basins, washing machines, and dishwashers. Incidentally, the financial and conservation benefits of acquiring one of the JoJo plastic water tanks for sale from the Water Pump Group also apply to the commercial user.

A selection of storage vessels is available from us. It includes vertical, horizontal, and low-profile models. Also, there are units that are designed to be installed below ground to ensure they are concealed from view. Not limited to the storage of water, these JoJo plastic tanks carry an 8-year warranty, are resistant to UV rays and chemicals, range in capacity from 260 to 20 000 litres, and are equally suitable for storing fertiliser, chemicals, and for the collection of sewage.



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